School Books


Each class in St. Anthony’s is equipped with its own library. The children may borrow from these libraries and the books are updated regularly through purchases, Book Fairs and donations.

Text Books

All text books for the school year 2017/2018 for Senior Infants to Sixth Class will be available in the school during the last term of the school year. Junior Infant books are purchased by the class teacher.


CAPER (Children And Parents Enjoying Reading) is a home-school partnership endeavouring to encourage children to read along with their parents in order to promote reading as part of a child’s everyday habit. Children from 1st-4th class are asked to read aloud to an adult for 10 minutes daily (Monday-Thursday). The children record this in their own “CAPER” diary, which is kept in a special folder with the book. The books are exchanged on completion.

Book Rental Scheme

St. Anthony’s has operated a book rental scheme for many years. It was introduced in an effort to reduce the cost of school books to parents and to promote the practice of recycling and reusing. The text books required for the curriculum are purchased by the school. They are freely available to the children throughout the year who are asked to keep them in good condition and return them after use. The school retains ownership of these books and they are passed onto incoming groups in subsequent years. The school purchases all the workbooks needed for each standard and these are given out to the boys before the Summer break and are theirs to keep. We have 100% participation in this scheme.


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